SOMNA CASE STUDY SANNARP HIGH SCHOOL, HALMSTAD, SWEDEN: Our weighted products increased the students’ ability to concentrate

SOMNA CASE STUDY SANNARP HIGH SCHOOL, HALMSTAD, SWEDEN: Our weighted products increased the students’ ability to concentrate

"There were no side effects of using weighted products, only positive results. It also came as a pleasant surprise to me that a form of individual aid had such a positive effect on the entire group.”



Over the course of the 2016/17 academic year, Sannarp High School has, as part of its work on student health, focused on the ability of its pupils to study in peace. By conducting interviews with the students, staff at the school have been able to learn about their experiences of the study environment.

During these conversations, students mentioned that they found it difficult to concentrate, get started with school assignments and study in peace. Being in a noisy environment with many external stimuli could adversely affect the students' energy levels, stamina and performance. It was with this in mind that the idea emerged of testing weighted products on an entire class both individually and as a group. Sannarp High School wanted to investigate whether weighted products intended for daily use could contribute to improving first formers’ ability to concentrate and study over the course of a school day.

Several independent reports* show that a lack of peace and quiet for study is a widespread problem in schools. Many students feel that they are unable to work in peace in the classroom and sometimes find it hard to fall asleep at night.
“More and more people feel stressed in their everyday lives – not least our schoolchildren. Scientific studies* show that weighted products have a calming effect on those who experience stress and anxiety. By reducing stress, the student's capacity for learning increases. It can make a big difference for many young people and their study results,” says Catarina Engström, a physiotherapist at Somna.
* read more about these studies at

During the month in which the project was carried out, the twenty-five students in the class were able to try a number of different weighted products from Somna. Twice a day they evaluated how they were feeling, and the results show that the students felt that their ability to concentrate and perform

"The classroom became a much calmer place, which meant the students could work in peace and quiet. I was pleasantly surprised by the results and would absolutely recommend that more schools give weighted products a try with a view to creating a better study environment.”



“I feel calmer, and it’s quieter in the classroom when the others use the products.”

“You could sit much better with the collar. I sat
straighter with a better posture, which meant I could concentrate better.”

“I normally talk a lot and swing on my chair. I did that less when I used the neck collar and I was able to work better, so it was a good thing.”

Weighted products such as weighted blankets have been used successfully for many years to counteract sleep disorders. The weighted product market has subsequently expanded to include products which are primarily intended to produce results during the daytime. Using weighted products releases a number of hormones which appear to reduce anxiety and give a sense of well-being and control.

Somna is a Swedish company that develops, manufactures and distributes cognitive aids for use in healthcare, psychiatry and health promotion. Somna's own patented innovation, the Somna Blanket, reduces anxiety and stress and is hand-made in Sweden to the highest quality standards. The blanket’s function arises from scientific studies into the calming effects of weight and pressure. Somna is the market leader within Scandinavia and, through expansion into new markets both within Europe and beyond, the company continues to show strong growth.


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