Sensory Lounger | Multi-sensory | Portable | Stylish | Affordable

£2,499.00 (£2,998.80 Inc VAT)
Sensory Lounger | Multi-sensory | Portable | Stylish | Affordable

Sensory Lounger | Multi-sensory | Portable | Stylish | Affordable

£2,499.00 (£2,998.80 Inc VAT)

Developed by sensory experts and therapists, this ‘all-in-one’ Sensory Lounger combines visual, audio, vibration and tactile sensory stimulation. Enjoy individual or all sensory elements at any one time. Can be used in both passive & interactive modes.

Built on wheels, the lounger can be moved with ease through standard doorways, transforming any room into a sensory space!  Bluetooth ready- simply connect your smartphone or tablet to stream and enjoy your favourite music whilst built-in vibration plates sync in time to any tune. Compatible with both IOS & Android.

The mesmerising light tube has calming & interactive modes, enabling visual stimulation and colour recognition. The free downloadable colour changing app develops cause & effect and switching skills. UV bamboo fibre optics provide tactile stimulation, whilst high-quality Bluetooth audio & vibro systems provide music and vibration therapy. Surfaces are comfortable and wipe clean. 

Product design may vary from images displayed. Simply get in contact with a member of the team for clarification.  

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High Quality & Expertly Built

Highly durable UK manufactured products. Vigorously tested by experts.

Sensory Lounger | Multi-sensory | Portable | Stylish | Affordable
  • Interactive multi-sensory environment

    Stimulating effects of exciting lighting, music therapy and vibration system additions help develop an array of user life-skills in a fun and exciting way.

  • Latest Technology

    Uses the latest innovative wireless technology: Android app and the latest Android tablet. Interactive Switchbox 

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

    Enables you to connect your Bluetooth-ready device to control audio and vibration.

  • Safe & Low Maintenance

    Padded corner walls provide an expertly safe and extremely comfortable experience. All surfaces are easy to wipe clean.