Rhapsody Sound to Light Panel
Rhapsody Sound to Light Panel
Rhapsody Sound to Light Panel
Rhapsody Sound to Light Panel
Rhapsody Sound to Light Panel
Rhapsody Sound to Light Panel

Rhapsody Sound to Light Panel

Product Overview

The Rhapsody Sound to Light Panel is a multi-functional sound reactive panel which provides a fun way to enjoy light and sound. This innovative panel is a brilliant combination of both visual and audio stimulation. The visual display will mesmerize the user whilst cleverly syncing and reacting in-time to sound.

The 10 mesmerising sound-responsive interactive modes can be enjoyed passively or interactively. Enjoyed passively, the user can watch the light modes move responsively in-sync with the music. Enjoyed interactively, the panel features in-built button control which allows direct interaction. Alternatively, it is compatible with our 9-button wireless switch controller and wireless colour changing cube to interact remotely.   The panel can be built into a bespoke soft play padded enclosure and can be wipe cleaned.  A great standalone wall mounted sensory addition to any room or ideal for building into a complete sensory room.

    Price on application. For more information speak to a member of the Sensorykraft team on 0114 2293434 or send an email to info@sensorykraft.co.uk

    Sensory Benefits

    • The panel can either be enjoyed passively as an attractive relaxing mood panel or can be enjoyed interactively where you can control colours, visual modes and music volume, giving you a world of possibilities. Modes can be changed and tailored for an interactive experience using the in-built buttons, wireless switchbox controller or sensory cube. 
    • In-built media player enables the addition of audio musical stimulation. Pre-programmed with a bank of soothing musical tracks on an SD card. For complete customisation you can also choose to play your own favourite music tracks. The addition of music therapy achieves a multisensory dynamic experience. Furthermore, an exciting feature is the ability for the user to control the panel with their voice. Encourage vocalisation and create the ultimate karaoke experience by plugging in the hand-held microphone.
    • Suitable for individual or group participation. The panel can be enjoyed individually, in pairs, or as a group taking turns. Within a teaching environment the panel can encourage confidence building, vocalisation and turn-taking, as well as help develop social skills, cause and effect skills, tracking skills and colour recognition.
    • The Rhapsody Sound to Light Panel offers 10 mesmerising sound-responsive interactive mode patterns including: graphic equaliser, vertical & horizontal, dynamic rainbow ladder, creeping rainbow ladder, Sound to light ladder, spiral out, squares, snake, target, and volume responsive mode. Dynamic mode choices maximises user engagement and interest.
    • The Rhapsody Sound to Light Panel is a very engaging visual stimulant which provides distraction, helping to de-escalate and promote calm mood, helping prevent behavioural meltdowns.
    • Use the strongly made buttons on the front of this wall mounted unit to select different patterns and colours. Use the built-in controls to lock speed and sound levels. Ideal for developing; cause and effect, colour recognition, tracking skills, turn-taking and audio and music therapy.
    • The Rhapsody Sound to Light Panel allows customization of colour, pattern modes and music choice providing a bespoke sensory experience to each user. Customisation to user preference increases engagement of the user and maximizes sensory benefits including skills development.
    • The Rhapsody Sound to Light Panel is a sensory product appropriate for all ages to enjoy. Adaptable settings support accessibility for a broad range of abilities.

    Product Information

    • Quick installation, ready to wall mount and plug in.
    • A great standalone wall mounted sensory addition to any room or ideal for building into larger sensory projects.
    • The Rhapsody Sound to Light Panel is compatible with our 9-button wireless switch controller and wireless colour change cube to change the colour modes.
    • Intended for permanent wall mounting. Ideal to be mounted within soft play wall padding.
    • Low maintenance panel and easy to wipe clean.
    • UK Manufactured
    • Product dimensions: 90cm x 53cm x 10cm.