Immersive Environment
Immersive Environment
Immersive Environment
Immersive Environment
Immersive Environment

Immersive Environment

Convert an existing or planned new room in to a fully controllable immersive and interactive space. Sensorykraft design, supply and construct highly versatile rooms that serve as multifunctional learning and SEN environments.  One room delivers many functions and all at the touch of an app button.

Immersive spaces include large format projections that can be ‘wrapped around’ multiple walls and on the floor.  Any number of these can be made interactive.

It serves to virtually transport an individual or group to any place in time or history through delivery of readily available video and images from the internet.  VR without the headsets for fully inclusive learning.

Surfaces can be gesture-controlled interactive or set up and operated via touchscreens and/ or tablet apps.  Scenes and experiences can be built up by the user in advance or created in the moment by pulling directly from the internet.

Price on application. For more information speak to a member of the Sensorykraft team on 0114 2293434 or send an email to


  • Fully bespoke designs to maximise the effectiveness of any given room. Durable and future-proof
  • Touchscreen controls and interaction
  • Wrap around projection & ambient sensory technology
  • Full installation, warranty, support and maintenance

They deliver:

  • Multi-purpose resource
  • Controllable and adaptable environments
  • Personalised dynamic learning and high user engagement
  • Simple to use cutting edge technology and inspiring user created experiences