Sensoryline Gilet - Adults

£159.99 (£191.99 Inc VAT)
Sensoryline Gilet - Adults

Sensoryline Gilet - Adults

£159.99 (£191.99 Inc VAT)

Introducing the new range of Sensoryline Weighted Gilets developed by Therapists and Sensory Experts to offer a stylish and colourful alternative. Manufactured in the UK the range is available in a selection of colours and suitable for children and adults alike.

The deep pressure provided by weighted products has a “calming and grounding” effect on the body’s nervous system.

Weighted products are commonly recommended by Therapists for transitional periods and classrooms to increase attention span and reduce anxieties often seen in children with autism, ADHD, sensory and learning difficulties.


These specially-adapted gilets have been carefully designed to appear like ordinary clothing. A stylish design and colour make these an attractive clothing choice, whilst the deep pressure benefits of the in-built technology is a secret to anyone but the wearer. The gilet can be worn and enjoyed anywhere, anytime! What’s more- this product is available in a range of different sizes, and is available for both children and adults.


The outer-shell is made from water-resistant polyester and features 2x pockets and a full front 2-way fastening zipper. The Inner weighted liner is made of nylon and contains plastic pellets distributed specifically to have maximum effect on the body. The weight gives the effect of someone pressing down gently on the shoulders – being both effective and comfortable for the wearer.

Both the gilet shell and weighted inner are wipe-clean and safe to machine wash. Both parts can be easily separated for easy washing if required.

Not recommended to wear for prolonged periods.


Made to order

Take note that the Sensoryline weighted gilets are made to order. Estimated manufacturing and delivery time is 3-4 weeks from point of order.