Somna® Blanket

£453.00 (£500.40 Inc VAT)
Somna® Blanket

Somna® Blanket

£453.00 (£500.40 Inc VAT)
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  • The Somna® Blanket is designed to relieve agitation, anxiety and insomnia. The function of the Blanket is based on scientific studies into the calming effects of weight. Using the Blanket enables you to relax, wind down and achieve a better quality of sleep.
    The Somna® Blanket has a two-in-one function: one chain side and one padded side. Having the padded side against the body gives the user a deep, pleasant pressure, while having the chain side against the body provides greater tactile stimulation. Which side is against the body is down to personal choice. The chains in the Blanket follow the body’s contours and give the user a pleasant feeling of being embraced, which helps increase body awareness. The blanket helps the user to feel calm and relaxed.The adult size blanket can be split into two so it can be used for sitting around the house as a comforter.

  • Carry bag and washing bag included

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    Dimensions: 4kg, 6kg, *8kg, *10kg, *12kg, *14kg approx: 205 x 150cm

    *have dividable zip for easy washing

    Dimensions: 3.4kg, 5kg approx: 125 x 105cm


    The size/weight of the user affects what blanket weight to choose. Also
    the level of problems perceived is an indicator for what weight to choose
    More problems - heavier blanket.
    For resting during the day we also recommend more weight since the user
    has more clothes on and the senses are more active.
    - The combination of weighted blanket and weak lung capacity can create
    a risk. Monitor the use of the blanket in such cases.
    -Be aware of the risk to stumble on the blanket if it has fallen to the floor.
    -The weight of the blanket is achieved by using steel chains. If the user
    wears or has some type of device implanted which could be
    affected by the metal you should consult a doctor before using the blanket.
    -The Incontinence protection is made in a water proof material. Please be
    aware of the suffocation risk if user has weak motor skills.