How much does a bespoke Sensory Room cost?  

How much does a bespoke Sensory Room cost?  

The cost of a sensory project can vary dramatically-depending on factors such as space available, equipment requirements and your sensory goals. For example, a sensory project could be a whole room design, or a smaller design to fit within a corner of an existing multi-functional room.

Some people choose to build their own sensory room; however they may come across project barriers and limitations if the project planning and design stages have missed out some key considerations. This could be costly and limit the success and suitability of your project outcome - why invest in something that will fail to meet your initial project goals? You may need some expert advice to ensure that the sensory equipment and building materials you are planning to buy and use are suitable for your project. For example, products freely available online may not be adequate for your sensory environment or robust enough to ensure longevity and future-proof use of the space.

At Sensorykraft we believe that the key to sensory project success is recognising and understanding the requirements and considerations bespoke to your project goals. Our experience tells us that there isn't a 'one size fits all' solution, and it is essential to have a bespoke approach.

Our team are happy to offer our expertise to help support sensory projects, however big or small. Some of our popular sensory room configurations cost between £5,000 - £14,000, this including all bespoke advice, design and installation. Sensory rooms that utilise more immersive equipment tend to cost much more than this.

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VAT Exemption -Many individuals who require the use of disability equipment are eligible for VAT relief. This can be a great help to enable you to get the most out of your sensory budget.

The Sensorykraft Team are an expert team with a vast range of experience and knowledge when it comes to designing and installing sensory rooms. The team can help you make the most out of your sensory project, maximising the sensory benefits it has to offer, and ultimately helping you to ensure that your project meets the bespoke needs of the intended user(s).

We have vast experience of working within a range of settings including private homescare & assisted living centresSEN & mainstream schools and secure mental healthcare environments.

We want you to be excited and confident about your plans and ensure they are suitable for your project requirements before you invest. This is why Sensorykraft offer a free and extensive consultation service which includes expert advice and support, a face-to-face consultation and a detailed project proposal report complete with 3D 'to scale' room mock-ups. 

Let our expertise guide your project to success!

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