Sensory Rooms for Mental Health

Experts providers of bespoke sensory rooms within Mental Health Acute, PICU, CAMHS and Secure Services

Planning a Sensory Room for Mental Health Acute, PICU, CAHMS and Secure Services.

The Expert Team at Sensorykraft can help you to create a carefully designed sensory room for your Mental Health Acute, PICU, CAHMS and Secure Services.

We can transform any space into a bespoke sensory room which has been expertly designed to meet the individual needs of the intended service users and patients. Whether you are looking for a sensory solution which can be enjoyed passively or interactively, our team have a wealth of knowledge to help advise you on the right sensory equipment to best meet your project requirements.

Our Team are on-hand to discuss and provide advice about your specific project requirements, including patient safety considerations such as room safety padding, anti-ligature equipment and safeguarding from self-harm risks. For low and medium secure wards, sensory rooms will be designed to adhere to strict policy requirements, including guidance on anti-ligature and safeguarding from self-harm risks to ensure patient safety at all times.

Our Sensory Specialists work with you throughout the project stages from planning through to completion; advising on all aspects including room configuration, sensory equipment, accessibility, user safety, user controls, and individual user sensory needs.

Let our expertise help guide your project to success!

Patient Safety and Safeguarding from Self-Harm Risks

Our Team are on-hand to discuss and provide advice about your specific project requirements, including patient safety considerations such as anti-ligature and safeguarding from self-harm risks.

For low and medium secure wards, sensory rooms will be designed to adhere to strict requirement policies, including guidance on anti-ligature specifications. We can advise on sensory equipment appropriate for your sensory space; ensuring that careful consideration is made to safeguard self-harm risks.

Our Sensory Team have a wealth of experience of projects using safety wall and floor padding installation; helping create an environment ideal as a safe space for de-escalation of a patient.

We can also advise on equipment, placement and configuration within the sensory space. We have options such as protective casing to safeguard equipment; ideal in an environment where equipment is at high risk of damage.

Other recommended considerations would include secure fastening of equipment using security screws and fixings; installation of equipment, power sockets and cables out of sight and reach of the user; 'anti-pick' silicon for complete edging and wipe-clean safety room padding.

Safety Wall & Floor Padding

A highly recommended design feature for Sensory Rooms within a clinical secure environment is room safety padding.

Our expert team have extensive experience of working with projects using wall and floor safety padding. This is a highly recommended design consideration to create a safe space for use by patients who may have aggressive physical behaviour or are deemed to be high risk of self-harm. This is an ideal environment providing a safe space for patients to de-escalate. The padding can withstand physical force, whilst promoting patient safety from self-harm.

We can design your sensory space to include secure timber backed wall pads and comfortable floor pads.

Padding is available in a range of colours.

Robust Equipment / Robust Casing

Equipment choice is a key consideration when designing your sensory project- we can incorporate equipment protection into the plan.

Our expert team can advise you on equipment adaptations which can maximise protection of equipment within the sensory space, such as robust casing for sensory projectors. The robust design can withstand physical force, wear and tear.

This is an ideal solution where the sensory space is to be used by a user with behavioural problems/ using the space to safely de-escalate. Promotes equipment safety and also safeguards the user from harm.

Sensory Room Package

Sensorykraft can help keep sensory simple by offering the option of our Sensory Room Package.

An ideal sensory solution for many secure clinical environments. This package includes both passive and interactive equipment, providing a safe space ideal for de-escalation and promoting calming mood.

This is an ideal package for installation within Mental Health Acute, PICU, CAHMS and Secure Services.

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Raised Plinth Modular System

Our Raised Plinth Modular System is a combination of raised plinth platforms and wall padding. Our wipe-clean vinyl is available in a range of colours. The system provides a safe and comfortable place for the user to enjoy. The modular units can be customised with a range of different sensory equipment options. Whether your sensory space is being designed to be enjoyed as a passive or interactive sensory experience, the equipment can be selected to meet your specific project requirements and the sensory needs of the user.

Equipment examples: Interactive Snow Panel, Bluetooth vibration sound system, fibre optics, mirrors, starlight carpet.

Vibro System: Feel the Music

A dedicated vibration system can be built into the seating plinths to add an exciting dynamic to the sensory experience.

The vibration system takes signals from the in-built Bluetooth audio system and filters to play only the low frequency vibration notes. The vibrations will cleverly sync to the room music. Vibration intensity can be modified to each user’s preferences.

The use of vibration to provide tactile stimulation has been recognised by therapists as a great way of stimulating the body’s proprioceptive sense (ability to interpret where your body parts are in relation to each other) and has been found to have very calming effects- particularly effective for those who are sensory-seeking (such as those on the autistic spectrum).

In-Built Storage

Your Raised Plinth Modular System can be designed to include an in-built lockable storage cupboard (see image to right).

This is an ideal feature if your project requires:

- Easy access to music amplifier

- Extra storage space for sensory equipment

- Equipment that needs to be kept out of reach of user

Alternatively, an external padded storage cupboard may be more suitable for your project (see image above).

Low Maintenance

Our Sensory Rooms have been expertly designed to ensure that they provide a sensory space which requires low maintenance:

All equipment is easy to wipe-clean, promoting hygiene. All vinyl padding is water resistant and hard wearing and can withstand physical force, wear and tear.

Sensory equipment features long-life low voltage LEDs- no requirement to stock and replace expensive bulbs.

Light tubes offer a maintenance-free solution compared to bubble tubes which require regular cleaning. If a bubble tube is preferred, cleaning kits can be provided.

Our equipment is configured to be 'ready to use' - no preparation required prior to room use.

Get the most out of your Mental Health Acute, PICU, CAHMS and Secure Service Sensory Room

To help you get the most out of your sensory room, and ensure that you maximise all of its sensory benefits, it is important that your project plan doesn't overlook some important considerations:

Sensory goals- what are the sensory needs of the intended user(s) that the sensory room aims to meet?

Design goals- how can you configure the sensory room to make the most out of the space and equipment available?

Project goals- how can you get the most out of your cost budget and project time frames?

Let us provide the sensory solutions to your questions...

Sensory Mood Lighting

Sensory mood lighting stimulates and balances the sensory system

Promotes calm mood and behaviour

Customisable colour control can promote user enjoyment and provide bespoke experience

Equipment examples: Ceiling light panel, starlight carpet

Sensory Visual Stimulation

Visual sensory stimulation can provide distraction

Safe environment to promote deescalation. Soothes mood to help prevent behavioural meltdowns

Develops skills including tracking, ‘cause and effect’ and colour recognition

Equipment examples: infinity tunnel, projector

Sensory Audio Stimultation

Sensory Audio Stimulation can create calm atmosphere

Promotes feeling of safety and tranquility. Customisable music control maximises user enjoyment

Sensory music therapy induces release of calming hormones, promoting deescalation

Equipment example: Bluetooth audio system

Sensory Tactile Stimultation

Sensory tactile stimulation recognised by therapists to have very calming effects - particularly beneficial for sensory seeking users

Effective stimulation of the body’s proprioceptive senses

Enhance sensory experience when syncing tactile vibration and audio equipment

Equipment examples: Vibration plates, starlight carpets

Bespoke Design For Secure Clinical Setting

At Sensorykraft we are passionate about keeping the user at the centre of sensory project planning. To help you maximise the benefits of your sensory space, our team can help you to design a bespoke sensory room which is tailored to the unique needs of each and every user.

Key considerations must include:

- Age customisation
- Physical requirements and accessibility considerations
- Psychosocial considerations
- Sensory requirements: Hypersensitive & Hyposensitive (interactive or passive)
- Customisation for user preferences (e.g. range of vinyl colour options available)

How We Can Help You

Sensorykraft offer a free extensive consultation service, including invaluable expert advice and support, a face-to-face consultation, 3D Room Designs and a detailed project proposal report.

Let our expertise guide your project to success!

Face-to-face Consultation

As part of our complimentary consultation service, our expert team will visit you at your intended project site. At Sensorykraft we feel that this is an essential step in your project planning.

We will have an in-depth discussion about your project goals. Importantly. we will explore the individual sensory needs of the intended user(s) to ensure a plan that is suitable and ensures your project will sucessfully meet your requirements.

We will perform a physical survey of the project space which will help advise on practical considerations such as accessibility, room configuration, sensory equipment advice, and aspects such as lighting, heating and electrics.

This consultation is an extremely useful step in your project planning- and Sensorykraft will provide all details from your consultation in a bespoke, detailed project proposal and 3D room designs for you to review in your own time.

Stunning 3D Renders

Imagine being able to see a 3D preview of your proposed sensory space ahead of your project start!

At Sensorykraft we provide 3D room mock-ups 'to scale' to enable you to visualise the finished design and configuration. We want you to be excited and confident about your plans and ensure they are suitable for your project requirements before you invest.

Our 3D rendering service is free and offered as part of our Expert Consultation Service.

Detailed Project Proposal

Once a member of our expert Sensory team has visited you for your free face-to-face Consultation, we will create a detailed project proposal which has been tailored bespoke to your project, and includes careful consideration on how to best meet your project goals and requirements.

Our project proposals are an extremely useful resource to assist any applications for sensory project funding.

The Project Proposal will include a summary of the consultation meeting, including:

-Individual user considerations and requirements

-Room configuration

-Accessibility and user safety

-Suitability of sensory equipment

-Sensory needs- passive and interactive environments

-Project space considerations (including lighting/heating/ electrics)

Our Project Proposals are free and offered as part of our Expert Consultation Service.