Giant UV Bamboo Fibre Optic Strands
Giant UV Bamboo Fibre Optic Strands
Giant UV Bamboo Fibre Optic Strands
Giant UV Bamboo Fibre Optic Strands
Giant UV Bamboo Fibre Optic Strands
Giant UV Bamboo Fibre Optic Strands
Giant UV Bamboo Fibre Optic Strands

Giant UV Bamboo Fibre Optic Strands

Product Overview

UV Bamboo Fibre Optics are a great sensory product, brightening any sensory space with colour and a calming twinkling light effect. Providing great visual and safe tactile stimulation, this product can be enjoyed passively and interactively. The colours and twinkling light effects of the bamboo UV fibre optic strands glow brightly for a powerful visual aid, ideal for visually impaired users. The colourful twinkle lights are engaging, and an effective addition to help create a calming and soothing ambience. More sensory-seeking users can also enjoy interaction with the fibre optics through tactile play, and the option to control and change the twinkle speed modes.

The UV fibre optics are an ideal sensory aid which can distract and engage the user, promoting calm mood and de-escalation, which can help diffuse or avoid behavioural meltdowns.

Sensory Benefits

  • The UV fibre optic strands can either be enjoyed passively as an attractive and calming visual stimulator, or more interactively where the user can enjoy interactive play and change twinkle speed mode settings.
  • Interaction engages the user, soothes mood and encourages development of cognitive skills such as cause and effect, tracking and colour recognition.
  • The fibre optics are a very engaging and distracting visual stimulant which can help deescalate and prevent behavioural meltdowns.
  • The twinkle light effects promote a calming and soothing ambience, helping to relax the mood of the user.
  • The mesmerising visual effects attract the attention of the user, so even when enjoyed passively, the fibre optics can still help to stimulate and encourage visual development, colour recognition, tracking and cause and effect skills.
  • Interactive encouragement with options to enjoy tactile play with the fibre optic strands and change speed modes engages the user and maximises the sensory benefits they enjoy and the skills they develop.
  • The UV fibre strands are a sensory product appropriate for all ages to enjoy. Adaptable settings support accessibility for a broad range of abilities. Colours are distinctive to support visual impairment.

Product Information

  • Fibre optic strands are completely safe to touch so the user can enjoy tactile sensory play.
  • Ideal to be installed into a soft play padded sensory corner or sensory room.
  • The bamboo fibre optics operate through UV reaction- use of a UV flood lamp is required to illuminate the UV colour effect.
  • Low maintenance and easy to wipe clean.
  • Product is strong and durable with built-in twinkle light source.
  • Fibre optic strands are robust, suitable for users within SEN.
  • Product is phthalate-free, ensuring high quality. The plastic strands are impregnated with an antibacterial property for excellent hygiene.
  • UK Manufactured
  • Product dimensions: 15 x 1.5m or 15 x 2m


Price on application. For more information speak to a member of the Sensorykraft team on 0114 2293434 or send an email to