Sensory Bathrooms

For the majority of people, having a bath is an enjoyable and calming experience - however, for some who suffer with disabilities, including physical, learning and behavioural, the bathing experience can be quite the opposite.

At Sensorykraft, we truly believe that a sensory bathroom can help to overcome this barrier, whilst offering endless benefits for any user, of any age.

An individualised combination of calming lighting, soothing projection imagery, relaxing audio and gentle aromatherapy can introduce a sensory dynamic which helps transform the bathing experience. What was once a stressful and difficult time, can be eased towards one which provides positive stimulation of the senses and encourages relaxation- and even fun!
Sensory mood lighting

Stimulate and balance the sensory system with calming and soothing LED lighting.

Sensory projector

Enhance development of a range of skills whilst providing stimulation with positive distraction of adaptable effects wheels.

Sensory audio system

Create a tranquil ambience with calming hormone-balancing audio. Personal music choice can transform the bathroom to a preferable positive place.

Aroma generator

Add a powerfully calming dynamic to the sensory bathing experience through the use of personally selected aroma scents.

Sensory Mood Lighting

Sensory mood-lighting has been used in various studies with researchers unanimously agreeing that, when used correctly; various colours of light can positively influence people’s mood and attitude. 

The sensory mood-lighting can help stimulate and balance the sensory system, particularly for those on the autistic spectrum.

Sensory Image Projectors

Sensory image projectors can provide relaxing imagery as a great distraction for those who feel anxious during bathing time, whilst also helping to develop a range of skills including tracking, ‘cause and effect’ and colour recognition. 

Projectors can include variable speed sensory wheel rotators so that the sensory images are adjustable to provide any desired effect and an ability to individualise the experience for each user.

Sensory Audio Products

Sensory audio products such as speakers and amplifiers can be a great addition to any sensory bathroom. If used right, sensory music can create atmosphere- which is all important in creating a feeling of safety and tranquillity. 

Music is a natural sedative able to induce the release of calming hormones and can play a prominent role in reducing the flow of chemicals which keep the system highly charged. 

Music can reduce fight or flight responses by calming the system down. Introducing music to an environment can often allow a stressful situation to become more tolerable and acceptable, and easier to cope with. Bluetooth sound systems can be of extra benefit, allowing the user or carer to select their preferred music choice and therefore allowing the experience to be individual every time.

Sensory Bathroom Aromatherapy

To add another dynamic to the sensory bathroom, aromatherapy generators can be a calming and soothing therapy for all ages. 

Sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than any other sense and certain smells can travel across the olfactory nerves located in the area of the brain which controls mood. 

The recognition of smell is an immediate sensory stimulator, and can help as an immediate and positive therapeutic aid to help sooth the bather. 

 We truly believe that aromatherapy positively enhances the sensory dynamics of the experience.

Hoisting Solutions

As Guldmann registered installers, we can meet all of your hoisting needs.

Our range of fixed hoisting systems are discrete and elegant and offer a safe, comfortable and effective solution for the lifting and transferring of persons with a loss of function and offer an ergonomically working environment for healthcare staff or family members.

Covering every element of the sensory bathing experience 

At Sensorykraft, our expertise and product range enhance every element of the sensory bathing experience and environment. Not only do we specialise in assisted bathing equipment, changing and toileting equipment, we can also offer state-of-the-art hoisting solutions. 

Although we can provide existing sensory bathroom packages, we can also adapt these or completely create a unique solution for you. We can tailor-make the environment, ensuring it is safe and accessible to meet the individual needs of each and every user. Our expert team are on-hand to create a bespoke sensory bathroom that is right for you- simply get in touch.