Sensory Bathroom Ideas and Sensory Benefits

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Children do not use bathing just for self-cleansing alone. Bathing can be a fun and relaxing experience, and even a nice opportunity for bonding and playtime between siblings. However, for some children a bath can be stressful experience…and that’s where a sensory bathroom comes into play. An expert blend of bathing and sensory elements can create a safe haven... allowing bath time to be enjoyed, not feared.

Let the Sensorykraft and Kingkraft teams work with you on your very own sensory bathroom project... and you too can explore the endless benefits that a sensory bathroom has to offer!

Sensory mood-lighting has been used in various studies with researchers unanimously agreeing that, when used correctly; colours of light can positively influence people’s mood. Mood-lighting can help stimulate and balance the sensory system, particularly for those on the autistic spectrum.

Sensory projectors can provide relaxing imagery as a distraction for those who feel anxious during bathing time, whilst also helping to develop a range of skills including tracking and colour recognition.

Bluetooth speakers are a great addition to any sensory bathroom. Music therapy is a magnificent tool for helping to create ambience and promote a feeling of safety, relaxation and tranquility. Amazon Alexa integration can also be used to help aid voice control.

Aromatherapy is recognised as an extremely powerful addition to the sensory experience, delivering immediate sensory stimulation and achieving an immediate and positive therapeutic effect to help sooth the bather.


Read one of our testimonials from an expert in home accessibility and adaptions, Occupational Therapist, Stuart Barrow:

“Sensorykraft have been installing accessible adaptations arena for 3 years and as a result have a great understanding of the options available to meet the needs of our clients. Working with families and professionals, their expertise enables them to cater a bathroom environment to meet the needs of children they visit regardless of the funding source, be it statutory funded or private funding. I have been fortunate to visit their factory in Sheffield to see baths being made and to meet the team. With a physiotherapy background, its clear the ethos of Sensorykraft is truly holistic. Sensorykraft ensure the needs of clients are met whether that means they cannot provide a service and refer on, or they provide a sensory toy or a complete changing room facility.  They will always endeavor to support the clinician and families as much as possible”.

At Sensorykraft, our expertise and product range enhance every element of the sensory bathing experience. Not only do we specialise in assisted bathing equipment, changing and toileting equipment, but we also offer state-of-the-art hoisting solutions.

We can work with you to design a bespoke sensory environment which is expertly tailored to meet the needs of any user, any age, anywhere. Visit our website to see how we have already transformed rooms within schools, hospices, care homes and respite centres!

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