Case Study: The Elms, Respite Centre in Workington, benefit from new Sensory Bathroom

Case Study: The Elms, Respite Centre in Workington, benefit from new Sensory Bathroom

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The Project Brief

At Kingkraft & Sensorykraft the team were thrilled to be asked to contribute our specialist expertise to help transform the Elm's pre-existing bathroom into a modern & practical sensory bathroom. The project brief set by West House - The Elms, Registered Manager, Mark Swanston, was based on the needs of the children and young people who access the service, and consisted of the following:

  • To replace the existing bath with a modern height-adjustable bath and re-position it in the centre of the room to allow carers access to both sides.
  • To add dynamic lighting and an audio system
  • To design a sensory bathroom suitable for safe access and use by both mobile and wheelchair users
  • To replace the existing single track hoist with a H-Frame room cover hoist system. 
  • To re-lay a new wet-floor and box-in any exposed pipes
  • To design a bathroom which was easy for staff to use, control and maintain  


The Solution

The team at Kingkraft and Sensorykraft proposed the following:

  • The installation of the popular and modern height-adjustable Multibath 2000 bath.
  • The addition of the Bluetooth sound system and dynamic LED room colour system. This enables service users to select and stream their preferred music choice, as well as choose the colour wash of the room.  Users can benefit from music therapy and visual stimulation. 
  • The installation of the Guldmann GH1 H-Frame hoist system, using wall rails.
  • A room design which is suitable, safe and accessible for both mobile and wheelchair bound users. By positioning the bath in the centre of the room this allows carers to access the bath from both sides, increasing safety for the user and also improves manual handling safety for staff. The GH1 enables wheelchair bound service users to easily make a safe and comfortable transfer into the bath.
  • A brand new wet-floor laid to finish the room complete with boxing in and re-routing pipes. 
  • New spotlights, re-positioning of light switches and the installation of wipe- clean products enables the easy maintenance and up-keep of the sensory bathroom.



The Verdict 

Registered Manager, Mark Swanston commented:

"Kingkraft made everything really easy for us by managing the complete project. They did all aspects of the project including the installation of the new bath, hoist system, sensory equipment and wet-floor- they also coordinated all aspects of the plumbing, electrical work and joinery too."


Senior Support Worker Kayleigh Blair commented:  

"All of the children and young people that have used the sensory bathroom so far have given brilliant feedback. We have children who would normally be uncomfortable with taking a bath, that are now jumping at the chance to get in!  Our sensory bathroom is more inclusive as we now have a tracking hoist system, enabling all of our service users to access the bath."


Kayleigh added:

"The service was brilliant. To describe it in one word it was easy! We didn't have to do anything. After we chose the products we wanted, Kingkraft just took over and did all the hard work- and they completed the work within the timescales promised. As we are a respite home, we really needed the bathroom to be complete and usable within the allocated time frame- Kingkraft enabled us to stay open without any service disruptions at all."

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About The Elms Respite Centre

Based in Workington, Cumbria, The Elms provides short term care and support for children and young people with learning disabilities including overnight breaks, and day care. The service is operated by the West House Children and Young People service. The aim of this service is to ensure that children and young people with learning disabilities, and their families, receive high quality, coordinated care which is based on assessed needs, promotes social inclusion and helps children to reach their full potential by developing life skills.

The service aims to:

  • Promote therapeutic opportunities, increase independence and quality time for children and young people with learning disabilities and their families
  • Negotiate strategies with families which enables the child or young person to achieve growth and development potential
  • Provide evidence-based care, intervention and capacity building to support children, young people and their families
  • Demonstrates effective partnerships in care within a multi- disciplinary framework
  • Reflect the concept of ordinariness for children/ young people with learning disabilities
  • Listens effectively to parents and carers to enhance the living of life for all family members

About Sensorykraft

We are an innovative manufacturer and supplier of sensory rooms, sensory bathrooms, and deep pressure therapy equipment. Our aim is to 'keep sensory simple!'

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