Utilising a fixed ceiling track hoist within a sensory bathroom

Sensory bathroom Guldmann GHZ hoist

At Sensorykraft we know that sensory bathrooms tend to be small in size. Quite often, a mobile hoist can be impractical for wheelchair access due to space limitation. It can also be problematic if mobile hoists are being used between different rooms as they may not always be readily available when required.

A ceiling track mounted hoist can be the perfect solution. The installation of these hoists has been designed so that they take up a minimal amount of room, and can easily be moved out of the way when not in use. Having a hoist which is always available is not only fit for purpose, but its convenience ensures that carers are more likely to make use of this equipment; achieving the best in moving and handling standards.

Sensory bathroom Sensorykraft Guldmann GHZ hoist

Sensorykraft are proud to offer Guldmann's range of GHZ, GH1 & GH3 track systems. These can be designed and specified to meet your individual needs and requirements. 

Interested in learning how our hoisting solutions can work for you? We can find the perfect solution to compliment your Sensory bathroom and multi-sensory room.

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The Sensorykraft Team