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Sensory Packages

At SensoryKraft we have developed an exciting range of Sensory Room and Sensory Bathroom packages to help you go one step further in transforming your space into a stimulating and interactive multi-sensory environment.

We can also adapt and individualise each package even further to best meet the needs of each and every user. Our team are dedicated to helping and guiding you through the journey from design and installation through to product training for key users.

Simply click on our packages below to start exploring our range. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Calming Sensory Corner
This Calming Corner provides a relaxing and calming space where the stimulating effects of the light tube can be enjoyed and admired. Visual Tactile Description Suitability Contents Sensorykraft’s solution to sensory space optimisation A...
Premium Sensory Corner
This Premium Corner provides everything that the Calming Corner has to offer- but this time, we’ve made it fun, interactive and feature-rich! Visual Audible Tactile Vibration Description Suitability Contents Sensorykraft’s premium ...
Ultimate Sensory Corner
This Ultimate Corner provides everything that the Calming Corner and Premium Corner has to offer- but this time, we’ve made it into a bigger space for one or multiple users to enjoy with even more interactive and sensory possibilities! Visual ...
Calming Sensory Bathroom
The Calming Sensory Bathroom introduces a sensory dynamic to the bathing experience - the perfect addition to any bathroom - particularly if a Kingkraft height-adjustable bath is already being enjoyed. Visual Tactile Description Suitability...
Premium Sensory Bathroom
The Premium Sensory Bathroom provides everything that the Calming Sensory Bathroom has to offer- but this time, we’ve included the exciting addition of a wall/ ceiling interactive light panel which provides a calming wash of colour and incorporate...