Educational CPD Seminar by Sensorykraft and Kingkraft

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“Designing Sensory Assisted Bathrooms for People of Varying Ability”

Sensory multisensory multi-sensory bathrooms design cpd seminar designing sensory assisted bathrooms for varying abilities

For the majority of people, having a bath is an enjoyable and calming experience - however, for some who suffer with disabilities, including physical, learning and behavioural, the bathing experience can be quite the opposite.

At Sensorykraft, we truly believe that a sensory bathroom can help to overcome this negative barrier, whilst offering endless benefits for any user, of any age. An individualised combination of calming lighting, soothing projection imagery, relaxing audio and gentle aromatherapy can introduce a sensory dynamic which helps transform the bathing experience. What was once a stressful and difficult time, can be eased towards one which provides positive stimulation of the senses and encourages relaxation- and even fun!

Our presentation on ‘Designing sensory bathrooms for people of varying ability’ is an educational and practical CPD seminar written and designed for occupational therapists. It provides an insight into basic bathroom and wet room design including information on bathroom friendly multi-sensory equipment, assisted bathing, changing, toileting and hoisting equipment, best practice guidelines, an overview of British standards and the importance of equipment positioning. The training explores into the world of integrating sensory equipment and explores bluetooth audio, calming sensory projection suitable for bathroom environments, LED room colour lighting systems and our brand new aroma generator. Better still we discuss integrating with Amazon Alexa to make the facilities more accessible and usable for children, adults and the elderly with varying abilities. 

Sensorykraft sensory assisted multi-sensory bathroom design amazon alexa calming interactvie

The CPD seminar also provides examples and recent Sensorykraft & Kingkraft case studies of how to appropriately and effectively integrate bathroom friendly sensory equipment and help transform the bathing experience for both children and adults.

Ultimately, we want to share our expertise on how to create and transform a bathroom into a favourable place where users with any type of disability or specialist need will want to spend time, relax and enjoy.

The seminar is free of charge and we can sponsor lunch if requested.

Simply email  to make your booking.

Key Benefits:

  • Free of charge
  • Learn about Sensory Bathroom design and the positive benefits of sensory equipment
  • Learn more about bathroom standards and guidelines and enjoy product demonstrations
  • Integration with Amazon Alexa