Sensorykraft Showroom

Sensorykraft have a brand-new suite of showrooms featuring our very own Sensory Bathroom, state-of-the-art Sensory Room and full range of Somna and Sensoryline Weighted Products.

The Sensory Bathroom features some of Sensorykraft and Kingkraft’s latest products including:

  • Guldman GHZ Hoist system combined with our own ambient LED lighting system
  • Multibath SE height-adjustable bath
  • Assist Variable height basin
  • Sensory LED Projector
  • Corian backlit LED wall panel

The State- of-the-art multi-sensory room features:

  • Ultimate Sensory Corner, including full audio and vibration system
  • Calming Sensory Corner
  • Infinity panels and interactive light tubes
  • Wireless switchbox and android tablet to control interactive lighting system
  • UV fibre optics, UV lamps and special effect lighting effects

Be sure to check out our latest range of:

  • Somna weighted products
  • Sensoryline weighted products

Brochures and websites are great, but we believe there is no substitute for being able to experience the sensory equipment for yourself- so why not come and visit our showroom?

Simply make your booking by sending an email to or by calling on 0114 269 0697