Fibre Optic Carpet with Twinkle Light Source
Fibre Optic Carpet with Twinkle Light Source

Fibre Optic Carpet with Twinkle Light Source

Product Overview

The Fibre Optic Carpet is a superb addition to any sensory space or room. Providing both visual and tactile stimulation, this product can be enjoyed passively and interactively. The twinkling light effect of the fibre optics is a great visual aid which helps to create a calming and soothing ambiance, whilst the carpet can also add a positive tactile element to the sensory experience.

The carpet is a great sensory aid for adding gentle visual stimulation; a great option if the intended user has a low threshold for sensory-overload.

The fibre optic carpet could be installed on a wall, a ceiling or integrated into a padded sensory wall/corner. It could installed to create a calming background in a privacy corner; a safe and dark corner with the gentle twinkle light effect creating a tranquil place for the user to enjoy.

Sensory Benefits

  • The fibre optic curtain can either be enjoyed passively as an attractive and calming visual stimulator, or more interactively where the user can enjoy the tactile benefits of the carpet surface.
  • The fibre optics are a gentle and engaging distraction which can help deescalate and diffuse or prevent behavioural meltdowns.
  • The twinkle light effects help create a calm and relaxing ambiance, helping to promote calm mood of the user.
  • The mesmerising visual effects attract the attention of the user, so even when enjoyed passively, the fibre optics can still help to stimulate and encourage visual development and tracking skills.
  • The Fibre optic carpet is a sensory product appropriate for all ages to enjoy.

Product Information

  • The twinkle lights are provided by phalate-free optic strands bonded within the carpet.
  • Ideal to be installed into a soft play padded sensory corner or sensory room.
  • Low maintenance background feature
  • Product is strong and durable with built-in twinkle light source.
  • UK Manufactured.
  • Product dimensions: (W)2000mm x (H)1000mm

Price on application. For more information speak to a member of the Sensorykraft team on 0114 2293434 or send an email to