Interactive Light Tube

Interactive Light Tube

Product Overview

LED interactive light tubes add a visually stimulating dynamic to any sensory area. LED light tubes are an ideal sensory alternative to bubble tubes; light tubes are maintenance-free whereas bubble tubes require regular cleaning and water changes. Light tubes can achieve the same sensory effects with no noisy pumps disturbing the sound ambience in the sensory space.

What’s more- LED light tubes can offer more light transition effects than a bubble tube and create a far more spectacular stimulus. With a range of different modes, the light tube can stimulate the senses with solid colours, vertical and diagonal candy cane twists, rainbow effects, imitation bubbles and can be set to be sound-responsive. Modes can be controlled with our compatible 9 large button wireless switch controller and/ or our wireless colour change cube- both encouraging the user to interact remotely. The calming effect of the light can be enjoyed passively, or alternatively interaction can be enjoyed for more sensory seeking users.

The light tubes are stand-alone plug and play items but can also be the perfect addition inbuilt into a soft play padded sensory area.

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    Sensory Benefits

    • The LED light tube can either be enjoyed passively as an attractive and calming visual stimulator, or more interactively with a range of colour and effect modes to choose from. Interaction engages the user, soothes mood, and encourages development of cognitive skills such as cause and effect, tracking and colour recognition.
    • The LED light tube is a very engaging visual stimulant which provides distraction and creates a calm and relaxing ambience, helping to de-escalate and promote calm mood, helping prevent behavioural meltdowns.
    • The mesmerising visual effects attract the attention of the user, so even when enjoyed passively, the LED light tube can still help to stimulate and encourage visual development, colour recognition, tracking and cause and effect skills.
    • Interactive encouragement with options to control colours and effect modes engage the user and maximises the sensory benefits they enjoy and the skills they develop.
    • The light tube is a sensory product appropriate for all ages to enjoy. Adaptable settings support accessibility for a broad range of abilities. Colours are distinctive to support visual impairment.

    Product Information

    • A great alternative to the traditional bubble tube- the LED light tube can achieve the same sensory effects whilst providing a maintenance-free alternative.
    • A great standalone plug and play product - but also a firm favourite to integrate into a sensory room design.
    • Ideal to be installed into a soft play padded sensory corner or sensory room.
    • The LED light tubes are compatible with our 9-button wireless switch controller and wireless colour change cube to change the colour modes.
    • Low maintenance and easy to wipe clean.
    • UK Manufactured
    • Product dimensions: LED tube diameter 150mm as standard, with range of heights available: 1000mm, 1250mm, 1450mm or 1800mm from floor to top of tube.