SENse Micro Projection System

SENse Micro Projection System

Ultra portable, plug and play interactive sensory system

The SENse Micro is the newest product in Integrex’s interactive range and is one of the smallest, most portable interactive floor available. The SENse Micro creates colourful, engaging floor projections that respond to, and interact with, body movement.

Lightweight and easy to move from room to room the SENse Micro offers instant ‘plug and play’ operation with no set up required.

Ideally suited for use in a classroom, or at home, the SENse Micro creates bright, stimulating projections which interact with movement and touch.

Amazing content.

The Integrex SENse Micro software and high brightness projector create multiple themes and images which are combined with in-built speakers for audio effects. The range of stimulating interactive and colourful themes includes ‘Splat the Balloons’, ‘Scatter the Flowers’ and an interactive fish pond.

With thousands of pictures and hundreds of videos and sounds on-board, any image or audio file can also be added to the many effects available enabling teachers or parents to customise programmes for individual users.

The SENse Micro comes with a full training manual and telephone support at no extra cost.


• Home
• School
• Care home

Life skills

• Switching skills
• Cause and Effect
• Fine & Gross Motor Skills
• Hand to eye coordination
• Shape recognition
• Tracking skills
• Sound and Music Therapy
• Anticipation

The package includes:

1x SENse Mini projector system